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The Association of Reformational Philosophy maintains a library with over 5.500 books. Its most famous titles are ‘De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee’ and ‘Calvinisme en de Reformatie van de Wijsbegeerte’. Along with these books we also have available articles in digital form. It is also possible to visit our archive at the Historisch Documentatie Centrum at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.


You can peruse the listing of our collection by our online cataloque. It is possible to borrow some books. Please contact our Centre to make an appointment.





At our library we also have several original – and therefor unique – magazines, brochures and handwritten lecture notes of Dooyeweerd, Van Riessen and others. It is not possible to lend these historical documents, but it is possible to read them. It is also possible to photocopy them (€ 0,03/page).


It is possible to receive photocopied articles, and with the photocopies you will also receive an invoice that includes costs for copying and shipping.



Throughout our network of members and friends we regularly receive private collections of publications from our well known philosophers, volumes of Philosophia Reformata and other archival material. When these publications come into our possession, we offer them for sale.

It is our calling to spread the reformational philosophy, and also to disseminate material of this kind.


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The Association for Reformational Philosophy works together with the Historisch Documentatiecentrum voor het Nederlands Protestantisme (1800-heden) at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. In 2008 the whole archive of the association was moved to this documentation centre. See the inventory and read more about the Historisch Documentatiecentrum.

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