Reformational Philosophy




The reformational philosophy promoted by the Association aims to stimulate radical Christian reflection in a post-Christian society. With the insights of this philosophy, the Association seeks to contribute to a deepened philosophical understanding of created reality and thereby give support to every valuable insight that is provided by the sciences and which arises from out of social life.


A truly reformational philosophy grows out of an enriched appreciation for the people have thought about reality in a biblically-directed way. In the first decades of the 20th century Herman Dooyeweerd and Dirk Vollenhoven, professors at the Vrije Universiteit, initiated this philosophical movement. Philosophers from all over the world have found scholarly inspiration from this way of thinking and are busy developing new contributions based upon its central Christian insights. They believing that a reformational philosophical understanding of reality is indeed possible. 





We hebben historische gebeurtenissen in de christelijke filosofie voor u op een rij gezet in een tijdslijn. Van Dooyeweerd tot de oprichting van de Vereniging voor Calvinistische Wijsbegeerte, alles vindt u chronologisch en overzichtelijk terug. Bij de meeste onderwerpen kunt u ook door middel van links naar andere websites, om daar verder te lezen over een persoon, publicatie of gebeurtenis.





Critical thinking about society and our place in it, we are not limited to the lecture. We find it important to make up the dialogue. This can be through a provocative lecture or by providing a workshop.



The average cost for a lecture or workshop between € 250 and € 1,000 and between € 1,500 and € 5,000 for a whole day. For students (associations), churches and other nonprofits we charge a 25% discount. For more information about options, dates and bookings please contact the Foundation for Christian Philosophy. Mail is the fastest. But can also call: +31-33-43 28 288.


About lectures



We find it important to joint reflection to find and share the dialogue. This may include in our study circles. There is currently some circles active in the Netherlands. Each circuit determines its own program. Philosophical knowledge is not required.

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