Reformational Philosophy

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The ideas of the reformational philosophy have reached out across borders and adherents are now found throughout the whole world. Within several social networks people can find each other to discuss subjects of interest. Below links to websites and information about several networks.


Find out some of the international reformational philosophy activities here


Below some information about several of the available networks.



At LinkedIn, the Association people are united within a group called Christelijke Filosofie (Reformational Philosophy). This group has almost 350 world-wide members. Discussions are mostly in English and raise all kinds of issues. To become a member of this group you will need your own a LinkedIn-profile.



At Facebook there are 2 such pages each with about 70 “likes”. There is an English page and a Dutch page. When you have a Facebook-account you can simply search these pages and approve them as you wish. You will then receive messages in your own timeline.



Our twitteraccount focusses mostly on our Dutch speaking followers. Some professors also contain an account. The twitterpage of the Reformational Philosophy is public. It is possible to receive our tweets in your timeline if you have your own twitteraccount by clicking follow @cfilosofie.




The Dooyeweerd Centre for Christian Philosophy is committed to making available in English the works of Dutch Christian philosopher, Herman Dooyeweerd, and through this to promote philosophical work shaped by Christian beliefs. They have maintained an email forum called “Thinknet”. Worldwide there are a couple of hundred members.


At the website of The Dooyeweerd Centre you can subscribe to this forum. Your active and thoughtful participation is welcome.


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