Reformational Philosophy

Getting involved

The Association believes it must get involved in supporting the scholarly dissemination of insights and theories that have been developed by those committed to reformational philosophy. That is why support of the work of our professors through our specially endowed chairs is an indispensable part of our work. Your support for this work will certainly be welcome!





The Foundation for Christian Philosophy for its activities entirely dependent on contributions and donations from individuals and organizations. Your financial support – once or on a regular basis – is very welcome.

If you opt for a regular donation and your e-mail address in our records, we will keep you up to date via our newsletter.






Education for Christian students at all universities is very important and the Association wants to ensure there is space for critical thinking within our post-Christian society.


The Association endows special chairs in Reformational Philosophy at several universities in the Netherlands. There are several ways in which you can financially support this work.


Individual  sponsorship Collective sponsorship





As a association for Reformational Philosophy we consciously opt for a small, professional organization, surrounded by active volunteers who want to spread the ideas. Our team can always be supported by new volunteers. Below you can read on what area you could support the foundation.


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The ideas of the reformational philosophy have reached out across borders and adherents are now found throughout the whole world. Within several social networks people can find each other to discuss subjects of interest. Here is some information about several of these networks.

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