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Dooyeweerd now also taught in the Philippines

Dooyeweerd in The Philippines

Romel Bagares reports (on Thinknet) from Manilla that Dooyeweerd is being taught on the national university of the Philippines:
‘Since August, Dooyeweerd is being officially taught in the Philippine’s only national university, the University of the Philippines, by an alumna of the VU master’s, Liza Lansang. She’s here on research for her PhD, officially housed in her former faculty, the Department of Political Science. As part of her duties, she was asked to teach a new elective on Political Theories and Methods, and she developed a course which she labelled “Worldviews and Politics.” I gave a small guest lecture in her class yesterday on international law and international relations from a Dooyeweerdian perspective.
First Time
As far as I know, this is the very first time Dooyeweerd is being taught in the Philippines at university level — and at the country’s premier university at that (which has a long history of radical politics and hard-nosed secularism). But Liza will only be teaching this for one term as she has to continue her research for her PhD in the US next year.
I do teach as well, at  a law school, and every now and then, I had been injecting a Dooyeweerdian flavor in my class discussions since I started teaching international law in 2009, but not as extensively as one can hope to do.
Liza and I had been discussing how we can continue this course after she leaves. The Department is beefing up its theory section as it looks to marking its centenary next years.’

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