Reformational Philosophy


Bringing Soren Kierkegaard in discussion with Reformational Philosophy


In reformational philosophy engagement with Soren Kierkegaard never really did get off to a good start. The present contribution is meant te reintroduce Kierkegaard in reformational philosophical discussions by focussing on the question of truth. How does the thinker as thinker relate to truth and what is the role of the I-self relationship in the search for truth?


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Do we invluence our social skills as we do philosophy? Sophie Stadhouders knows. She investigated this question in children from group five and six of the primary school. Together with her ​​friend Veronique Swiebel she wrote a report about it. That was awarded with a KNAW prize last June.


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Principles are absolute principles which can not be tampered with. The theologian Bonhoeffer had nothing of such principles have. Example, he was convinced pacifist and yet he plotted an attack on Hitler. How can this be reconciled? The response from Bonhoeffer has aroused farmer Jan Huijgen from his ethical slumber.


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