Reformational Philosophy

Announcement Herman Dooyeweerd Prize 2022

Every five years, the Foundation for Christian Philosophy organizes a competition for the Herman Dooyeweerd Prize. The prize is an award for work in the field of systematic philosophy or the history of philosophy that most furthers the cause of Reformational philosophy (the philosophy of the cosmonomic idea). The prize was established by the board of the foundation on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Herman Dooyeweerd’s birthday (October 7, 1894).


The prize was previously awarded to Tapio Puolimatka (Finland) in 1994, to Kor Bril and Piet Boonstra (the Netherlands) in 2000, to John Kok (United States) in 2005, to Danie Strauss (Republic of South Africa) in 2011, and to Jonathan Chaplin (United Kingdom) in 2016.


The board hopes to award the prize again in 2022. A jury of four members will look at all eligible works published between 2017 and 2021 that are submitted to the secretary of the board before 1 January 2022. On 1 May 2022, the jury will advise the board on whether any of the submitted publications—and if so, which one—should be awarded the prize. The prize consists of a medal and a certificate. If the prize is awarded, this will take place at an appropriate occasion in the months after the board’s decision.


We warmly invite you to submit titles of published works that you believe to be eligible for the Herman Dooyeweerd Prize. Suggestions can be sent to the board’s secretary at before 1 January 2022.