Reformational Philosophy

Renée van Riessen

Renée van Riessen

Renée van Riessen

Renée van Riessen (Lunteren, 1954) is professor of Reformational philosophy, from which she gives lectures on teaching philosophy in relation to the Jewish and Christian belief. In her lectures, attention is given to questions about the relationship between believing and thinking, in that context are metaphysical and anthropological questions arise (finiteness and infinity, transcendence and immanence, the relation of the self to the other and to God).


Finally, the Christian thought considered from the perspective of contemporary sophistication.


Besides the special professorship in Leiden Renée Riessen university lecturer in philosophy and philosophy of religion at the Protestant Theological University (Kampen / Groningen).



Philosophy in relation to education, Art and religion

Other activities

  • Assistant Professor of philosophy and philosophy of religion Protestant Theological University (location Groningen)
  • Active as a poet (latest collection: Crickets in the kitchen, Prometheus, Amsterdam 2008
  • Occurs regularly as a guest speaker with lectures on the study area (Augustinus, Levinas, thinking about the soul, etc)


  • Universiteit: University of  Leiden
  • Attachment: since 2012 


  • De ziel opnieuw (2013), Verder gaan dan Socrates? Over onderwijs, bezieling en innerlijkheid bij Socrates en Levinas (Oratie 2012, Leiden)
  • Augustinus modern en postmodern gelezen (Budel 2009)
  • Man as a Place of God, Levinas’ Hermeneutics of Kenosis (Dordrecht 2007)