Reformational Philosophy

Marc J. de Vries

Marc J. de Vries

Marc J. de Vries

Marc’s particular interest is to connect two disciplines: philosophy of science and technology and the teaching of science subjects in primary and secondary education.


If you want to educate somewhere, you have to know exactly what you’re talking about, and then you’re in the middle of the philosophy. The philosophy of science and technology presented many topics that are important to pass on to young people: what is the nature of science and what are the limitations of scientific knowledge, how come the rhetoric with which technological developments are accompanied often refer to ideal worlds (without sickness, death, etc.) and what does that mean for the normative assessment of such developments?



One area in which those questions very exciting is that of nanoscience and technology.



Philosophy of science and technology, Science and technology in primary and secondary education

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  • University: Technical University of Delft


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