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I have a set of A New Critique to donate to someone, along with some other books in the Dooyeweerdian tradition (don’t worry, I still have access to this work). I also have a set of Philosophia Reformata (not complete, but many volumes including old ones). If someone is interested, we can talk about transport later.

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As you may be aware, people in the UK are heading towards an in/out referendum on our membership of the European Union. While the media is predictably interested mainly in the personalities involved and what affect this will have on the governing Conservative party, which has a distinguished tradition of tearing itself apart over this issue, Jonathan Chaplin is curating a more principled discussion here.

Great to see Jonathan demonstrating the clarity and principled thinking that reformational philosophy can help foster on these issues.


International conference
“Christianity and the Future of our Societies ”
15-19 augustus 2016, Leuven, Belgium
organized by
Association of Reformational Philosophy (ARP)
in cooperation with
Evangelical Theological Faculty of Leuven (ETF).


2015-07-14 - Rio_de_Janeiro_Leuven_Conference_2016 ‘Be reformed in your  thinking…’


Worldwide Christian communities have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help develop a ‘shalom enhancing attitude’ among their own and future members, because among them there are many who have or get the opportunity to develop themselves into leaders with positions in churches, in government or in business and who are involved or become involved in social initiatives and various forms of education and research at universities and colleges. The biblical call “get reformed in your thinking” is every time a challenge to people of any age and asks for application in any context in which people live. A number of earlier thinkers and leaders – Augustine in early Christianity to Abraham Kuyper or John Stott in recent times – can be a source of inspiration for us. So we learn to use and exploit two lenses: one focused on contemporary challenges, the other focused on resources and insights from a broad Christian tradition.

In our efforts in and for today’s world, it is crucial for Christians to be globally connected, and exploit opportunities to get to know each other and learn from each other’s knowledge and experience. When Christianity in this world is not again and again a ‘learning community’, we run the risk of recurrence of terrible mistakes of previous European modernization of the “indigenous” cultural patterns, or errors as they arose and arise from different types of religious fundamentalism. This global “learning community” has to feed current and future generations, and especially those people among them who are ore will be called to provide leadership in church and society.

The conference in Leuven gives you the opportunity to become part of and contribute to this  worldwide “learning community” of Christians.

*More information about the conference on the website of this conference and/or flyer (PDF) below.

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Christian Philosophy now in Rome! Maarten Verkerk exploited audience …

A few weeks back was our professor of Christian Philosophy Maarten Verkerk in Rome and went there with a group of ten people, including the deputy bishop of Roermond – Everard de Jong, also in audience with the pope. He had the honor of presenting the book “Preacher for Managers” to the pope.

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2015-06-04 Maarten en de paus