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Dooyeweerd Prize awarded to Dr. Jonathan Chaplin – CSF 2016

During its five-yearly international conference last August in Leuven, Belgium (click this link), the Board of the Association for Reformational Philosophy  awarded Dr. Jonathan Chaplin the Herman Dooyeweerd Prize. The prize is an award for work in the fields of systematic philosophy or the history of philosophy that most furthers the cause of reformational philosophy (the ‘Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea’).
Chaplin, who is Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics in Cambridge, received the prize for his book Herman Dooyeweerd: Christian Philosopher of State and Civil Society (University of Notre Dame Press, 2011; see this link).

In his Laudatio, jury chairman Prof. Gerrit Glas praised the “outstanding quality” of the book, which is “written in an excellent style, with scholarly carefulness, covering various crucial areas in Dooyeweerd’s political philosophy.”

Former recipients include T. Puolimatka (Finland, 1994), K.A. Bril and P.J. Boonstra (The Netherlands, 2000), J. Kok (USA, 2005) and D.F.M. Strauss (South Africa, 2011). The prize consists of a medal and a certificate.

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